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We've got you covered!

It can be super-daunting to start exploring those big life questions, grappling with the what ifs and wondering if there's more?


So we've put together some of our favourite resources to help.

We are more than happy to answer any questions that we can and point you in the right direction. We are usually hanging out on Insta, find us here:

The Bible

The Bible is a great place to start. You can download the YouVersion app on your phone for free. You can listen to it on here too!

We recommend starting by reading the Gospels which are the story of Jesus' life. (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Mark is the shortest, and Luke is great for beginners!

Online Resources

There are lots of great online resources out there! From websites, to online courses, podcasts and YouTube channels.

Here are some of our favourites:

Bible Society 

Christianity Explored

Alpha (check if anywhere local is running a course - these are fab!)

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Do you have a friend, family member or neighbour that goes to church? Chat with them!

Connecting with Christians or a church local to you is the best way of getting support and working through some of the big questions.

We are also happy to connect online on Instagram for a chat, encouragement and a pointer to things you may find helpful :)

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